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Returns & Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes things don't always go according to the plan so we have made a very simple Refund/Replacement Policy to help you!


Kindly keep in mind that we produce on demand and we do not stock items. Once an item is being printed, unfortunately it can not be used for any purpose. However, it’s difficult if the order received is not as our customers want actually. Thus we will support as much as possible for these cases.


You can free cancel/change your order within 12 hours of placing your order for any reason. If it out of the time then unfortunately we will not be able to free cancel/changing your order any more. If your order is shipped out, we can not make any change/cancel on your order anymore.

To make if easy, please refer the timeline given below:

Order Placed Timeline The fee charged for cancel/change of order
0-12 hours Free cancel or change order information
12-48 hours Cancel: 4.95 USD/item for fee
Change size/variant: 4.95 USD/item for fee, non-accepted for some products
Change shipping address: Free but not accepted for some products
>48 hours Cancel: Non-accepted
Change size/variant: 4.95 USD/item for fee but only accepted until it is shipped out.
Change shipping address: free and just accepted until it is shipped out and only accepted for some products. We will contact our logistics team/post office if necessary.

***Note: The fee charged stated above is not included the difference between the origin price and after-change price.


Basic Refund/Replacement Policy

For customize or items printed on demand we do not have a replacement policy. We suggest you to please thoroughly check the size specification of the item and place the order accordingly. Products like custom shirts, pillow covers, hats, acrylic cubes, name tags etc. will not replaced.

● There are 2 types of refund policy The Soul Bee has.

- Defective product, quality and standard issues, sizing issues:​ If we send you any of these, then firstly, we apologize for the same. Secondly, we’ll ship you a new product for free to make it up to you. All you have to do is click a picture of the product, send it to us and cover the shipping charges.

- Wrong order placed: ​This usually means that you placed a wrong order or chose the wrong size for apparels which are readily available on our store. Write an email, click a picture of the product & send the item back to us and cover the shipping charges of the item.

● Make sure to include details on the correct size needed sent back.

● You have 30 days to exchange your item.

Please Note: Customer pays return shipping on exchanges. The USPS has the best rates in our experience, but you can ship back to us any way you like.

A flat $7 processing fees will be charged for the replacement order. Once we receive the item we will send you a confirmation email with a link for additional payment. 

Any other questions, please contact our team to help you at or submit your request through our contact us page.

We look forward to assisting you in any way we can!


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